All selected art work has the chance of being selected Judging takes place in October and winners will be announced at the Gala Opening.

Prize Category Value 2021 Winners
 "The City of Burnside Council" Prize (NOTE not acquisitive in 2021) - but painting to be hung in council chambers for 1 month after after Art Show. $2,000 Rosemary White for Still Life with Billy Buttons
Highly Commended  $200 Iroda Adil 
Highly Commended  $200 Adriam Ambagtsheer
Highly Commended  $200 Kathryn Gruber
Highly Commended  $200 Michael Lawry
Highly Commended  $200 Peter Wallfried
People's Choice $100 Lyn Robins
Adelaide School of Arts - Course Certificate up to the value of  $500 Robyn Bromham

Additional Commendations will be awarded by the Judges.

A prize may not be awarded in a given category if the quality of the art is not perceived as being sufficient.