Fees and Commissions


The following fees and commissions are applicable for the 2021 Art Show:

Entry price  $10.00
Acceptance price Small  $15.00
Acceptance price Medium  $20.00
Acceptance price Large  $35.00

Small size definition (h x w)  30cm x 30cm or less 
Medium size definition (h x w)  50cm x 50 cm or less 
Large size definition (h x w)*  up to 1 metre x 1 metre 

Whole Screen purchase  $165.00
Commission paid on sold painting 25%
Maximum number of entries 10
Maximum number of entries accepted 5

*Larger than 1x1 metre requires approval.

Please contact us prior to submission.

NOTE the diameters are general so if you have a 70cm x 30cm painting this would be classified as Medium (total area = 50x50cm or 1 metre in total).  We are pricing on the total size / space of your painting.