By submitting your works you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions..

General Terms:

  1. All works must be original. If a piece of art is based on a photograph, it must have been taken by the artist.
  2. Each art work will be for sale at the price nominated by the artist on the entry form. Artist’s must remember to include GST where applicable.
  3. All entries must be made through the this website.
  4. Types, numbers and sizes of art works must conform to the Acceptable Art Works section of this website.
  5. All entries will undergo a Pre-Selection Process. The Organisers reserve the right to not accept a work of art and to limit the number of exhibits.
  6. Receipt of Entries. Works will be received at the reception point at The Ballroom, Town Hall, Burnside on Sunday 23rd October, between 10am to 5pm and Monday 24th October, 10am to 8pm ONLY.
  7. Exhibition of Entries. The Club reserves the right to exhibit publicly, such entries as its Selection Committee considers appropriate for a period commencing 7.00pm 26th of October and ending not later than 5.00pm October 30th, 2022.
    The Club may reject any entries and decline to exhibit any Works which the Selection Committee determines to be inappropriate for exhibition.
  8. Sales at Exhibition. During such exhibition, all Works exhibited shall be available for sale to members of the public.
    The Artist is invited to stipulate a selling price at the time of entry by completing and attaching to the reverse side of the Works submitted the 'B' section of the prescribed form. The price may not be altered by the Entrant (unless the Club is advised by 11th October 2022). In the event that a sale is made within 14 days of the Exhibition by the Entrant to a member of the public who attended the exhibition, the Entrant shall account to the Club for 25% of the sale price. Should a purchaser be found for a work/works prior to judging for the Burnside prize, the artist waives their right to be involved in the judging.
    If an Artist has won "The Burnside Council - 1st Prize", the Artist receives the $2,000. This painting will be included in the Auction on opening night (with a reserve price agreed with the artist and any funds from the auction will be paid to the Artist Less $2,000. If unsold, the painting will be offered for sale in art show at Artist's asking price on application).
  9. Commission. All proceeds of sale shall be collected in the first instance by the Club which shall be entitled to 25% (twenty five per centum) of each sale price as selling commission.
  10. Publication of Photographs. The Club may allow any Works entered to be photographed and such photographs to be reproduced in a newspaper, magazine, on television or Social Media.
  11. Variation of Conditions. For the proper and orderly conduct of the exhibition, the Club reserves the right in its sole discretion, at any time, without prior notice to the entrant, to amend, alter or vary any of the conditions of entry or to do any other thing which it thinks fit.
  12. Responsibility. The club will insure Works for recognised insurance risks whilst in the exhibition but the Artist must also insure their works in the event of damage, theft & loss.
  13. Return of Entries. Any entry not sold during the exhibition must be removed by the Entrant from the exhibition site from Sunday 30th October between 5pm and 8pm or Monday 31st October from 9am to 5pm. Any Entrant not collecting an unsold entry in that time should phone one of the enquiry numbers listed below by Monday 31st October by 1pm to make pick-up arrangements. If works are not collected, they will be transported to our Bookmart 4 Kenniway Street, Tusmore for collection during opening hours.
  14. Failure to collect Unsold Entries. If any Work is not collected by the Entrant or the Entrant's authorised representative by 4.00pm on November 16th, the Club, after sending by registered post to the Entrant at the Entrant's last known address, one month's notice of the Club's intention to sell or otherwise dispose of such Work, or in the event of the address of the Entrant not being known to the Club, then one month after advertising notice of such intention in a newspaper, circulating in South Australia, may sell such Works, and after deducting from the proceeds the costs of and incidental to sale shall hold any balance for the Entrant PROVIDED however that in the event of such Work being in the opinion of the Club un-salable then the Club may, in lieu of selling the same, destroy or otherwise dispose of it or them in such manner as the Club may deem fit and thereafter the Club shall be under no liability whatever to the Entrant in respect of any Work so destroyed or disposed of. Any notice sent by post as aforesaid shall be deemed to have been received by the Entrant on the date when it would have been delivered in the ordinary course of post.
  15. Packaging. The Club is unable to guarantee that an unsold entry will be returned to the Entrant in or with any packaging in which it may have been submitted.
  16. Payment of Sales Proceeds. Cheques for proceeds of sales, net of commission, will be posted to Entrant by the Club on the 25th of November 2022.
  17. For the purposes of this Exhibition, a painting is defined as an original pictorial or abstract representation on board, paper or stretched fabric in (a) any medium applied by brush or knife; or (b) any of the following media or similar: pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel, collage, felt tip; or (c) any mixture of the above. The medium or mixed media must be accurately described on the entry form. If any intending entrant is in doubt about the acceptability of any base or medium or technique, please phone one of the enquiry numbers.
  18. Wet paintings will not be accepted.
    If works are submitted larger than 1 metre x 1 metre, there is no guarantee they will be accepted. Please contact event organisers for more approval and further information.
  20. Each entry must be identified by our receipt to entry paperwork at the back of each painting.
  21. Each work, whether framed or not, must be fitted with a secure means of hanging.

Dates: key date related conditions are as follows:

  1. Art works will only be considered if they are submitted by the Closing Date for Initial Submissions as detailed on the Key Dates section of this Website.
  2. Accepted art works must be delivered to the Art Show venue during the dates and times set aside for Delivery as detailed on the Key Dates section of this Website. No late works will be displayed.
  3. All art works must remain on display for the full duration of the Art Show
  4. All art works must be collected from the Art Show venue during the designated Collection times as detailed in the Key Dates section of this Website.

Fees and commissions:

  1. An entry fee, as detailed in the Fees and Commissions section of the this Website, will be charged for each art work on submission and payable via the online entry system. Entry fees are not refundable.
  2. A commission, detailed in the Fees and Commissions section of this website, will be deducted from the catalogue price if the work is sold.


  1. Prizes will be awarded in designated categories detailed on the Prizes section of the this website.
  2. Prizes are at the sole discretion of the Organisers and/or the appointed Judge. The Judge’s decision is final.
  3. The Organisers and / or the Judge may decide not to award a prize in a given category for a given year depending on the quality or number of works exhibited.


  1. Whilst all reasonable care will be exercised by the Organisers all entries are submitted at the total risk of the Artist. The Artist indemnifies the Organisers against any claim, loss or damage of whatever nature or cause however occurring and whether directly or indirectly relating to entered works or their delivery.
  2. It is strongly recommended that suitable insurance covers be enacted by the Artist for the duration of the event.


  1. Artists accept responsibility for freight and other charges incurred in the delivery or return of an entry.
  2. Artist’s are responsible for keeping their mobile, email address, GST and EFT payment details up to date on the online system to ensure they receive updates before, during and after the Show, and the appropriate payment for sold artworks.


  1. The Artist hereby authorises the Organisers to photograph, video and/or publish your work for the purposes of producing a catalogue or otherwise promoting the Show by any means.

Submission, Entry and Show Procedures

Welcome to the Art Show website. Thank you for taking your time to consider our show.

If you choose to enter your art work in our Show then you will need to follow this procedure and agree to the above Terms and Conditions for Entry and Sales.

The submission, entry and show procedure will follow these stages:

  • Initial Submission:

Submit your work and Entry payment/s via this website (artists submmission) online system and before 5pm on 7th October 2022. Quality colour images of the work in its entirety need to be included. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note: if there is a significant difference between the initial submitted image and the actual work; the work will not be exhibited.


  • Review and Pre-Selection:

After the closing date, all submissions will be reviewed and assessed by a Pre-Selection Panel.


  • Acceptance Notification:

Artists whose works are selected for exhibition will be notified via email or SMS (on the 10th of October ,2022) using the online system and invited to exhibit at the Show. Artists must notify the Organisers if the work is no longer available for the Show. Withdrawn works may be substituted at the discretion of the Organisers.


  • Delivery:

Artists or their agents deliver the works to the Art Show venue on Sunday the 23rd October between 10am to 5pm OR Monday the 24th between 9am to 8pm

  • Sales Notifications:

During the Show you will be notified via email/text if your artwork sells. A red dot will be placed on the item in the Art Show.


  • Collection:

Artists or their agents need to collect the unsold works from the Art Show venue from Sunday 30th October between 5pm and 8pm OR Monday 31st October between 9am and 8pm as detailed in the Key Dates section. Uncollected works of art may be sold at the Organisers discretion.


  • Payments:

Payments for sold works will be made to the artist, via EFT (preferable) or cheque, for the sale proceeds minus the commission (inclusive of GST) by the 25th of November 2022.